The Original Tiny Home

Laurie has been fascinated with Mapleton Mobile Home Park since she was a little girl. She eventually became a resident of the park in 1979, which we believe is the record for the longest residency in the Mapleton.

She grew up in Boulder and when she was 21, her dad used some of her college fund to purchase the 8 foot wide, 32 foot long 1957 Mountaineer for $2500.00. She’s lived in the 272 sq. ft. – almost 2 bedroom – mobile home for 41 years. Mobile Home living has allowed Laurie to stay in Boulder, where she grew up.

“It’s a unique layout – the bathroom is actually in the closet and is complete with a bathtub.” At 5’3”, Laurie says she can reach up and touch the ceiling.

Laurie in her garden

Once temporary housing in Boulder, mobile homes are now a way of life.

“I love living in it – it’s slightly larger than a tiny home. It’s fashionable now. Though our carbon footprint is smaller than most, mobile homes aren’t the most energy efficient.” She said her energy bill used to get up to $200 a month in the winter – compared to when she moved in and was paying $15 a month. Since the purchase of a new heater, her bill is more manageable, but still high relative to the size.

Once a transitional community of individuals, neighbors in Mapleton have become community oriented. “It’s an affordable way to have individual homes and space for a garden.” She says.

“People look down on mobile homes, but they are really the way to embrace the lifestyle that we’re moving towards and you don’t have to be wealthy – you can be an average Joe.”


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